The radiation results simulated with Honeybee are zero

I used Honeybee-Generate in Honeybee-Legacy to calculate the solar radiation from 12:00-13:00;13:00-14:00 on June 7th, but the radiation results obtained are all zero. Among them, the meteorological file used for the simulation is the file that replaced the direct and scattered data. Can’t attach a link because I’m a new user.

@lny0813 You should check the direction of the geometry and make sure the direction is outward. If not, you should flip the geometry. You can do it in Rhino or Grasshopper.

The same model, with the same settings, simulates non-zero at other times.

@lny0813 You can user ladybug 3d chart to check solar radiation for this hour. Maybe the solar radiation at this hour is zero.

Because the radiation data is replaced, and I also checked, the input background radiation is not zero at this time.

@lny0813 share your .gh file so other users can get a better look. Remember to follow the guidelines for file sharing.

Okay, I couldn’t attach the file yesterday as I was a new user. Now I attach my .gh file I used.
radiation.3dm (243.1 KB) (508.0 KB)

Hi @lny0813, your problem is in your input geometry.

You are obscuring your buildings with a surface on top, I think you accidentally flipped upside down your view at some point before generating what you meant to be the ground surface.

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