The result of electric light doesn't change after using 'lighting control recipe'

Hi @mostapha and @chris

I ran the annual daylight simulation and created the illuminance graph for the 21st of September with one test point in the centre of the zone:

Then, I used the ‘read annual result’ component to define the lighting control group with control type ‘4’, auto-dimming. I set the occupancy profile from 9am-5pm with lighting setpoint&thresholds 300lux. Considering this, the illuminance from daylight is not enough between 9am-3pm, so the electric light must be switched on automatically. However, the graph plotted showed the electric switch is OFF.

Do you know what else I must assign to get the lighting control recipe to work?

@sonderwoods do you have an answer to why this might happen?

The DAYSIM-based workflows for generating electric lighting schedules in Legacy always felt like a black box to me.

If you really want good control over the parameters of the electric lighting schedule generation, I recommend using the new LTB 1.4 plugin. We have a component called HB Daylight Control Schedule, which has many more parameters exposed for the electric light schedule genration.