The right values subdivision in a program type?

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I have a simple, but no simple, question. For example I have two objects: 1 TV of 60 Watts and an air conditioner of 400 Watts. Well, now i know that a room or a collection of them can have only one program list, so if i want to add the two objects in the electric equipment input I should merge Watts and then the HB ProgramType component multiplies value for the fractional schedule wich has numbers between 0 and 1. But at this point I should have to merge even the two equipments fractional schedules and divide them by 2, for example:

Well, when both equipments are turn off the value is 0, while if both are on the value is 1 and is all okay. When only one of them is on the value is 0.5 and so it makes the average of the electric consumption (230 Watts), while if I have only tv on the consumption should be just 60 Watts or 400 if the air conditioner is on.

An other way that I tried is to attach more HB equipment components, with their own fractional schedule, to the electric equipment input. But I don’t think it’s correct (or maybe yes, I don’t know) because I have two program type in the same component such as in this picture:

In your opinion, is there a way to divide these values correctly?


For the fractional schedule, you can solve this by calculating the area-weighted average of all schedules, rather than just taking the simple average as you are currently doing. The weighting factor in this case is just the relative magnitude of each equipment load. Area-weighted schedule:

\begin{align} \left( \frac{400}{400 + 60} \right) \cdot \begin{bmatrix} 1 \\ 1 \\ 0.5 \\ \vdots \\ 1 \\ \end{bmatrix} + \left( \frac{60}{400 + 60} \right) \cdot \begin{bmatrix} 0 \\ 1 \\ 1 \\ \vdots \\ 1 \\ \end{bmatrix} = \begin{bmatrix} 0.87 \\ 1 \\ 0.57 \\ \vdots \\ 1 \\ \end{bmatrix} \end{align}

Now multiplying the total EPD values will be correct:

\begin{align} \left( 400 + 60 \right) \cdot \begin{bmatrix} 0.87 \\ 1 \\ 0.57 \\ \vdots \\ 1 \\ \end{bmatrix} = \begin{bmatrix} 400 \\ 460 \\ 260 \\ \vdots \\ 460 \\ \end{bmatrix} \end{align}
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