The Shape which concentrate solar light specific location

Hi everyone!

I have some problem.

I want to study surface which concentrate solar light specific location by using grasshopper and ladybug,for example reflect component.

So,It tried to make parabola to concentrate sun light like image.

But It does not concentrate on foucu of parabola shape.

So Could you tell me how to create shape by using LB ?

Any ideas


Hi there, Did you try to add to the density or mesh your input geometry. I attached an old file that I put together for Chris. It should be a good starting point. (49.7 KB)


I tried mesh palabola Geometry like your file, but ray did not concentrate on focus point.

So, it is difficult to concentrate ray on focus point?

Or was something wrong with making palabola shape?

If you have a time , please check file and advice for me

Best Regards.

raytracing_parabola.3dm (196 KB) (382 KB)

Hi! My understanding is that a parabola concentrate all the rays on focus point if the rays are parallel to axis(?). I tried to reverse engineer and find the axis from the geometry and use it to create the vectors. It give a better result but it’s not perfect. Have you tried to test it with an standard parabola shape? (380 KB)

Hi @HitokiKanto

im doing something similar…i want to see how a ray redirects in a prism or a lens…i cant do it with forward raytracing component in ladybug because it doesn’t take into account the materials…do you have any idea?
also i cant open the pictures an files that you shared here

See the original post here:

For advanced prism you can use radiance. See this:

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