The Sunpath node is not work


I was wondering if you could assist me in this case if possible please.

Warning: __func_a94e4c97ba5d428aa8747c735b79a8b2 expects argument type(s) (double, var, double[], Point, double, double, bool), but was called with (int, System.Object, DesignScript.Builtin.Dictionary, Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Point, int, int, bool).

Can you not use RhinoInside and use the grasshopper side of Ladybug plugins go use Sunpath?

Thank you very much for your reply. I tried to use grasshopper and still got the following error.
Both Dynamo and Grasshopper versions of ladybug tools have errors on my computer.


Hi - based on the fact that you seem to be running Rhino 5 and the error message in that dialog box, please check point 1 in this (ancient) post:


What happens if you simply close this error? I believe everything will work just fine.

A similar data type error is occurring in Rhino