The View Cone Component in the latest ver

Hello! i just have a quick question related to the updated ladybug components!

i’ve been using the older version for about a year and installed the latest version of ladybug just today,
and found out that there has been a huge update with the components!

The ‘ladybug_view cone’ component that i’ve been using
was really helping me out with my paper, but with the update,
i can’t find where the component is.

Is there a similar function in other components inside ladybug??

Hi @JKang ,

There’s no View Cone component yet in the LBT plugin but we can add it soon. Can I ask what about the component was most useful? Was it just the visualization of the cone or was it the way that the component interacted with the Ladybug_View Analysis component?

Thank you for answering, @chris !
The Visualization part helped my work a lot!
Firstly i used View Analysis Component but found out that
the info that i needed for the results couldn’t be reached so
i kinda customized the view cone output for myself.

After the paper is released, i’d be happy to share the methodology with you!!

Thank you again, for making this great plug_in! :slight_smile:

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Good to know, @JKang ,

I’ll try to get to the View Cone in the LBT plugin as soon as get some other critical features done.

Dear @chris,

sorry if I intrude, I would also be interested in this thema.
If it can helpful for further ideas for your new component, I am attaching an infographic concerning what the new European standards are asking for.

I hope for your kind response.

Best Regards

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Hello Chris!
I couldn’t find The ‘ladybug_view cone’ component in the new version ladybug.
Is there a similar function in other components inside ladybug??

It’s not there yet, @FatemehMohseni . Can you elaborate on what specifically you need it for right now to help us prioritize the development? Do you need to use the view cone with the LB View Percent component?