The View Cone Component in the latest ver

Hello! i just have a quick question related to the updated ladybug components!

i’ve been using the older version for about a year and installed the latest version of ladybug just today,
and found out that there has been a huge update with the components!

The ‘ladybug_view cone’ component that i’ve been using
was really helping me out with my paper, but with the update,
i can’t find where the component is.

Is there a similar function in other components inside ladybug??

Hi @JKang ,

There’s no View Cone component yet in the LBT plugin but we can add it soon. Can I ask what about the component was most useful? Was it just the visualization of the cone or was it the way that the component interacted with the Ladybug_View Analysis component?

Thank you for answering, @chris !
The Visualization part helped my work a lot!
Firstly i used View Analysis Component but found out that
the info that i needed for the results couldn’t be reached so
i kinda customized the view cone output for myself.

After the paper is released, i’d be happy to share the methodology with you!!

Thank you again, for making this great plug_in! :slight_smile:

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Good to know, @JKang ,

I’ll try to get to the View Cone in the LBT plugin as soon as get some other critical features done.

Dear @chris,

sorry if I intrude, I would also be interested in this thema.
If it can helpful for further ideas for your new component, I am attaching an infographic concerning what the new European standards are asking for.

I hope for your kind response.

Best Regards