There is free gap between floors of an imported idf file, what to do?

Hi everyone, I am importing an IDF file that is exported from osm file but there are gaps between floors (it’s a three-storey building). What should I do?

Can you import them and then edit the geometry in Rhino/Grasshopper and create a new model?

If that’s how it should be, because of the ceiling space for example and the different floor have a similar temperature during the year you can just set them to adiabatic.

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@mostapha , Hi Mostapha, thank you so much, a lot of data is incorporated in that osm file and exported idf so I am not sure if that would be a good idea to modify them since I am new. But how can I set them to adiabatic?

You should use the new libraries which is much more script-friendly. We are planning for the release in the next couple of days but if you want to start testing them sooner I can add you to the early access group.

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