THERM analysis- complex modelling error

Hi everyone,

I am working on a top window-wall construction (joints) and i would like to analyse it with THERM. I remodelled the construction based on the original one but when I run the simulation it gives me error. It says that there is something wrong with my model but I dont know why because i modelled it without overlapping or with holes. Can somebody check it how I should fix it? I would be very grateful!
I upload the gh file as well as the rhino even though I internalised the data in gh. (666.6 KB)
Rhino_for_forum.3dm (938.5 KB)

There are components in your file that belong to a plugin I could not find on Food4rhino. Can you please share the plugin or post a version of the file that does not require downloading the plugin to run the file?

Hi @devang, thank you for your answer. I upload a new rhino. and gh. file, and i will upload which plugins i am using (only two -autograph and elefront both from food4rhino)
CS1.3dm (929.2 KB) (518.8 KB) (265.1 KB)

Hi @devang , sorry for disturbing you but can you advise how I should model the window frame if i have such a complex one like this? Mainly I draw curves and then i make them as a surface, but it does not work. (I modelled it 3x times and i got an error always).
Thanks in advance!