THERM - Honeybee WINDOW Differences - Triple Clear IGU


I am attaching the Rhino/GH files I have been using for reference. I have been looking at the script from Hydra from WINDOW.

I recently started looking into WINDOW for Rhino. I am currently comparing results for a triple clear IGU (using detailed report from WINDOW 7.7) with silicone spacers in Rhino/Honeybee vs THERM. These are the two results I get and I am not understanding why they are different.

Interior BC is what came with the IGU buildup at 69.8 deg F
Exterior BC is NFRC 100-2010 exterior

Please let me know if I missing anything huge. Thanks in advance!
211206_Simple IGU.3dm (1.4 MB)

Simple IGU Comparison.pdf (186.1 KB) (593.6 KB)

I’m also looking for a solution to start running WINDOW 7.7 with Honeybee - from what I’ve been able to find, the only solution as of now is to uninstall WINDOW 7.7 and try and find a 7.6 download link but those aren’t available through the LBNL website. Unless Honeybee can support 7.7, I don’t believe there are any workarounds. Let me know if there are any updates from Honeybee if you see any!

Where did you hear this one? I see that the THERM 7.6 installer is still available here on the BNL website:

Hi Chris! Apologies, the WINDOW 7.6 download currently requires permissions to download. THERM 7.6 is available but WINDOW 7.6 is not.

Thank you for your reply!

Ah. Thank you for clarifying.

I don’t know how to address that one except that you could try reaching out to the developers at LBNL. I see that they have a link to a “Forum” on their website and I have to imagine that you’re not the first person to ask for this.

Thank you again! Understood, I’ll ask around and see if I can find an old download link. From what I can tell, the only source may be here:

I hope that helps anyone else looking for a link!

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