Therm in grasshopper


I have THERM 7.7, and I try to work it with grasshopper but I do not see THERM module inside Ladybug for the last version of RHINO and Ladybug.

How can I get it?


Current Ladybug tools doesn’t support Therm. Although you can try Honeybee legacy that works with Them 7.6.
I hope that helps.

thanks for your answer

what do you mean with “try Honeybee legacy”?

do I have to download THERM 7.6 but still using the newest version of honeybee?

How can I see the THERM tab inside honeybee?

Ladybug tools and legacy versions are separated. You can find them in food4rihno below The Ladybug tools download options look for name"Honeybee legacy".

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