THERM results mesh offset from poly geom

Hi everyone!
So the THERM results visualization seems to be offsetting itself a little bit:

Not really an issue as the THERM file itself in THERM itself; all of the dimensions and geometry are true. Just curious as if anyone happens to know what the issue may be.

Image XYZ: viewport is Top

Thanks! Have a great day.

Thanks for reporting, @TrevorFedyna ,

I don’t know what the issue is exactly (maybe it has to do with the tolerance?) In any case, this one might be better fixed after we add THERM components to the LBT plugin.


AH! Thanks! I think I’ve ± a decimal place off what its supposed to be. (been out of R6 for a minute; forgot that all my defaults are different)
Will be nice to be able to THERM in 7. Hopefully some additional thermal modeling sw easily compatable with RH materializes in the future!