Therm - Therm File Options

Hi guys, @chris @mostapha

I was wondering if it could be possible to set “Therm FIle Options” directly in the Therm Honeybee component. Maybe I have missed it!

At the moment, I can define in the component only the meshLevel_, but I am interested to set and run within the GH/Honeybee file ( so without opening every time the Therm file, especially with a parametric model, or multiple simulations) these 2 options:

  • Maximum % Energy Error Norm
  • Maximum iterations


Thanks for your support and for developing all these fantastic tools!


Hi @LorenzoPatti ,

Thanks for your comment. It seems that these parameters have been exposed in the Therm XML (.thmx) file format that Honeybee is using so we should be able to expose an option for it within Honeybee. Specifically, this part of the .thmx seems to have those settings:

Would you say that I’m correct in assuming that the ErrorCheckFlag refers to the checkbox on the “Run Error Estimator”, the ErrorLimit refers to the “Maximum % Error Energy Norm”? I think the MaxIterations one is pretty clear.

I’ll try to expose these features in Honeybee once I get the chance and you can follow the progress at this github issue:

Also, can I ask what these mesh settings usually do? Are they a way of troubleshooting cases where the Therm meshing algorithm would otherwise fail? If so, I can see how these would be very useful and I should have exposed them sooner.