Thermal Comfort Autonomy Visualisation

Hi everyone,
I am doing an analysis to obtain the annual Thermal Comfort Autonomy (overheating map and underheating map) for a shoebox office. the visualization (as shown in the picture below) is not homogeneous, I am talking about that should be degradation of the color map depending on the window.
I have no error messages! so I couldn’t find where is the problem
I will appreciate any help.overheating and (736.8 KB)

Merayoverheating and (736.8 KB) overheating and (982.9 KB)

is it due to the version of open studio? i use 2.9
I don’t have any error message, but the indoor comfort map still not homogeneous.

any suggestion

I don’t think it is the OS version. What i see in the blue map is that the whole scale range is less than 1 oC. I would say that what you see is in the “acceptable” margin of error. Just looking at the colors is not enough. The legend of the red map is impossible to read.

I am pretty sure it’s because you put your test surface right at the floor level and some of the points are falling inside the room boundary while others are falling outside (giving you outdoor thermal comfort for these points). I recommend moving your test surface to the typical center of gravity of a seated person (~0.8 meters off the floor).