Thermal Comfort while sleeping inside a bed


Has anyone ever had to work with this? I am running a thermal comfort model for some bedroom in a house, and the Adaptive Model tells me that it is uncomfortable at night at the bedrooms as the operative temperature is around 10 degrees celsius. I know that sleeping in a room like that on the floor just wearing thicker clothing would feel cold, but is there a way to account for what the comfort would be for a person sleeping in a bed? How do I simulate that extra level of “clothing”? Any ideas?


You mean conditioned space or ventilation space? The two model is very different. So can you upload some data or chart or pictures about this discussion?


Hi @jholguin71m,
Why can’t you use the clothingLevel input on comfort recipe components to account for that extra cover?


Besides increasing clothing factor, also don’t forget that a sleeping person has a lower metabolic rate as well.


Hi everyone. I ended up using PMV Comfort Calculator as Adaptive doesn’t allow the input of clothing levels.

I created my own custom clothing schedule using the ladybug clothing level function and replacing the hours in which people should be sleeping (whenever value is 40) with 3.5 clothing level. Attached is an image of the script.

Is there a place where I can find a complete clothing levels table?

Also, this building has not HVAC. Is using PMV fine?


The building is not conditioned at all (not usual in my country).