Thermal Labyrinth modelling

Does anyone have an example file on how this could be done? Is it possible?

I’m looking to simulate the impact of a Rock Store as an air intake to a space. I was thinking to model this a high thermal mass room, with a given air flow to extract the discharge temperature of the air, and then schedule this as a supply air temp into a separate model. Would this work?

If anyone’s done it, have any pointers, or have a example file as a starter, I’d greatly appreciate!



Your proposed method seems a bit complicated and I think there are some simpler/better ways of modeling it. If the labyrinth really is a “room” as you say, you could model it as a separate high mass zone but I would use a custom air mixing object to push air from this zone into your other zones (defined by whatever schedule you are using). See this discussion for an example of how to add custom mixing objects with addiditionalStrings:…

If your Rock Store is more tube like or “Labyrinth-like,” I would use the “Honeybee_AddEarthtube” component to model your thermal labrynth. The most recent version of Ladybug + Honeybee on the github has this Earthtube component working for both the “Export to OpenStudio” and the “Run energy Simulation” components. This Earth Tube method is what I would recommend for the vast majority of thermal labrynths.

I hope this helps,