Thermal Map question -- non-convex srf and schedule

Hi, everyone, I’m quite new to HB and I was trying to get a thermal comfort map following Chris’s code, But there are two main questions.

A. The E+ simulation get a warning: there are non-convex srf. I have modeled all zones as cubes and not sure why it is still considered as non-convex. I have looked through several posts and it seems like this error will effect the surface temperature simulation which would be not accurate for thermal comfort. But I don’t know how to find those surfaces and rebuild the model (some posts mentioned to split the non-convex zone, anyone can give an example about how to do that?)

B.After hours not figuring out the previous problem, I was thinking about running the thermal map to see how serious the error would effect. And there’s come another problem. I set a summer day and Before sunset the result seems reasonable, however after 6 pm, the indoor temperature keeps over 38 C ( I used weather file of San Antonio). It seems like my cooling system doesn’t work. And I have no clue how to check them out.



ThermalcomfMap2.3dm (683 KB) (764 KB)

And another attachment about the thermal result, after 6pm it’s super hot.

A. Wall surfaces after the split are non-convex. You need to split them more to create convex surfaces.

If you see you floors/ceilings you can see that they are convex. If you want to get rid of this warning you should split also the floors.



The thermal map is a really detailed, time-consuming analysis that you usually don’t want to dive into until you have already understood/debugged your energy model on a coarse zone-by-zone level. I would really recommend watching the full youtube tutorial series on the EnergyPlus workflow before jumping to the thermal maps:…

The series will also show you how to set up your geometry as multi-zone with air walls, which you will have to do in order to get the “non-convex” error to go away.

Hope this helps,


Hello, Chris,

I have watched through the series before, thank you again for this amazing tutorial. After Mostapha’s advise the non-convex error has solved. I think now I need to dig deeper about the shcedule and load.

Thanks for your help