Thermal Mass “Thermal storage” vs Outdoor thermal comfort

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I hope you could help me to find the best way to simulate this case:

I’m interested in the relationship between the High Thermal Mass “Thermal storage” materials in buildings without insulation and the outdoor thermal comfort, also with relation to the indoor temperature and the reduction of thermal loads after adding insulation. I’m trying to investigate and find how much does the thermal mass “Thermal storage” without insulation affects the outdoor thermal comfort on the architectural scale. I want to find out if the location of the insulation in the high thermal mass envelope, like Concrete (CMU) walls and roofs, would make a noticeable effect on the outdoor thermal comfort.,-209.2910583693686
The link above should be your starting point.
The effect of thermal properties of walls on outdoor thermal comfort would be accounted for by the mean radiant temperature of the surrounding surfaces in the UTCI comfort map recipe.