Thermal Matrix not matching number of mesh faces

I’m having an (urgent) issue when simulating AD comfort. This is the error i’m getting when visualizing the thermal map:

Runtime error (ValueErrorException): Number of colors (633) does not match the number of mesh faces (632) nor the number of vertices (720).

line 75, in colors, “C:\Program Files\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\”
line 122, in script

For some reason the number of colors is bigger by 1 than the number of faces in the mesh. It looks like this;

As you can see it happens for a specific room. The mesh is generated with one of the grid creation components.
From the AdaptiveMap component i can see that the TCP, HSP and CSP outputs show the correct number of values. On the other hand, the op_temp, condition and deg_neut outputs which are decomposed with the ThermalMtx component agregate the additional node for the colors/values.

I assume this is a bug. For other cases it works fine.
I’ll appreciate some suggestions. This is for a class i’m preparing for next week … :worried:


UPDATE: My bad. I was using previous results when reloading old results with the RecipeSettings component. Sorry.