Thermal Properties of Windows in Dragonfly

Dear @chris, I am running an energy simulation with UrbanOpt for my PhD research. Until now for the windows of my buildings I am using the DF Apply Facade Parameters and I set the Window-to-Wall ratio for each orientation. However, now I would like to add the U value of the windows in my model. I have found the components you see in the screenshot, but I am struggling to find a way to combine them with the Dragonfly model. Any thoughts about that?
I would really appreciate your help.

Hi @Nasia_Apostolopoulou ,

The finest geometry element in a Dragonfly Model is a Room. So you need to assign constructions by applying a ConstructionSet to the Rooms, Stories, or Buildings instead of applying them directly to Aperture geometries as you might do with a Honeybee Model. This tutorial video explains how to do it:

And you’ll probably want to tweak a base ConstructionSet to have your custom WindowConstruction by using the HB ConstructionSet component and the HB Subface Subset component.

Hi again @chris !

Thank you very much for the reply! I was already using the base Construction Set, but haven’t realized I could connect the detailed thermal properties of windows there.

Problem solved!

Many thanks Chris!