ThermalZone 3 zone equipment


I am trying to simulate 1 zone with multiple equipment so the heating needed for the zone would be splitting between the 3 equiments. But although the Irongbug_ZoneEquimentGroup recognizes there are 3 equiment, the heating energy is not splitting between them but is only taken care of the first equiment that is linked to the Irongbug_ZoneEquimentGroup. So if I link first the electric baseboard, all the heating energy will be directed to electric baseboard. If I connect first the VRF, then the VRF will take it all. It’s like the Irongbug_ZoneEquimentGroup groups in serial the equiment and not in parrallel.

Can someone help me with that ?

Electric_BASEBOARD+HVAC+VRF+Radiantconductivebaseboards.3dm (23.6 KB) (786.0 KB)

Hi @Ardian, I think it is happening because all of your heating sources are autosized. Is it correct?

If yes, the energyplus will just size the first equipment in equipment group big enough to take care of all loads, meaning the rest of equipments will never get change to run. You will need to size each equipment yourself and distribute loads to each of them.

You will need to check EnergyPlus documents for running equipments parallel in one zone. I personally don’t know if exist or not.

Hi @MingboPeng,

Thank you very much for your help.
I’ll dig more into it !