Thermostat setbacks

I’m struggling with the thermostat setbacks and wondering if there is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. Chris’ YouTube tutorial (#22) describes setpoints for an apartment program and he clarifies that setbacks are not possible to input using the thresholds component for that particular example because the OpenStudio apartment schedule doesn’t have setbacks. I totally get this.

However, I get the same error for the office and classroom programs, and looking at the IDF file it’s clear that both of these programs do have setbacks. In fact, I discovered this issue because I was trying to model a classroom with heating (<18 dC) but no cooling (>40 dC) and kept getting high cooling energy usage. The setback in the IDF file appears to default to 27 dC:

This probably explains why even though the max zone temp that is registering is 38 dC and my thermostat is set to 40 dC, I’m seeing a lot of cooling energy use. Is there a way of changing the setback through Honeybee?

02_ThermostatSetpt02.idf (86.4 KB) (506 KB)

Hi Burin- I remember we had a discussion about this before the last release. I don’t know about the video but in general you should be able to setPt and setBack with Honeybee. I can’t check the file right now but I will get back to this discussion soon. Looks like a bug to me > (




Everything that I said in the video should be correct and you are right that the setbacks merited a better explanation in the cases of the office and other programs. From what I had understood, it seemed that only the design day and weekend schedules of the office had no setback and that the other schedules relating to the setpoint programs were changed:

The results that you have there seem to contradict this, though. We will look into it as a bug and, if you need control over the setpoints and setbacks in the meantime, you can create your own CSV schedule of hourly cooling setpoints like so:


Thanks to both of you for the speedy response. The whole HB development team is really doing a spectacular job of staying on top of the issues!

I will use the custom schedule workaround that you show here for now. Please do update us if you find a resolution for the setpoint/setback component.

Hi Borin and Chris,

I finally looked into this and looks like the component creates the schedules regardless of the warning. I opened the idf file and checked for the schedule name and then converted it to values and it looks as expected. You can read more here:…

Hi Burin and all,

How can you see the IDF results through the above interface (as shown in your attached image)?

When I click “ESO” in the “View results” of “EP-Launch”, only “Designbuilder results viewer” was pop up (But not like the interface you attached here)

Sorry for my basic question.

Thank you for your help in advance.



Hi Ding -

You can download the ESO viewer from Sourceforge: Once you’ve installed it, open EP-Launch, go to View>Options…>ESO Viewer and select the xEsoView.exe file that you just installed. On my computer it installs here: C:\Program Files (x86)\xEsoView\xEsoView.exe.

Good luck.

  • Burin

Hi Burin,

Thank you very much for you help!