Thesis Help: Optimizing form for Dew Collection

I’m a masters student in Architecture. I’m currently working on a thesis on Optimizing Form for Dew Collection. I’ve previously had experience with Ladybug, but am looking for guidance on Butterfly and Open Foam.

In a research paper (linked below), the author ran a simulation for heat exchange and air flow over various architectural forms. With the resulting simulation, the author interpretted which form would perform better at capturing dew water.

In the paper, they are using COMSOL as the main CFD software. I was wondering if I could replicate this using Butterfly/Ladybug, allowing me to visualize the heat exchange of the condenser over the period of time. I’ve attached an image below, showing an example simulation from the research paper.

Thank you for you time!

Reference Research Paper: Computational Fluid Dynamics study of a corrugated hollow cone for enhanced dew yield - Archive ouverte HAL

Hi @ati,

I am afraid I can’t realy help you. I know these cfd simulations are quite complex. With openfoam you can do a lot. Have a look at the YouTube channel of Jozsef Nagy.

With butterfly you can generate CFD simulations. But you could also have a look at simscale. This also uses Open Foam in the background.

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Hey @Erikbeeren
Thank you for the response anyways. Will have a look at the link you’ve sent!