Three-Five Phase Method - testing shading devices

Hi all
I’m not totally new using honeybee and ladybug, but I’ll be training myself on the use of the 3-5 Phase method using honeybee [+] soon, to test CFS’s for
annual daylight and thermal analysis (E+), using blind controls according to weather conditions (which I guess its possible).

But I wonder IF its possible to test several CFS, and make a selection according to performance indicators (DA, cooling loads, and so on), so…optimization. I read about a method with a similar approach, but they were using DIVA and GA (genetic algorithms) with Galapagos. I’d like to know if this is possible with the 3-5 Phase method, and if so, is there a suggested reading or a tutorial on how to do this ?

I’d appreciate your help

It should be possible. You’d have to use Honeybee legacy version to run Energy plus. Generation of high resolution tensor-tree BSDFs are not supported in HB[+], so there are limits to how far you can get with HB[+] with daylighting too. The existing grasshopper plugins do a great job of setting up the example files and allocating file paths, commands etc. So, at the very least, you will have a headstart if you do end up using HB[+].

There are no written tutorials for HB[+] at the moment, but a few months ago Mostapha had shared example files, among which there was also a 5 phase example.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, I’ll look for those 5 Phase examples, as a start. Thanks!