Threshold vs Schedule

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I haven’t been able to find an answer in the forum about my question.
I am running energy simulations with Honeybee.

Q1. In the setEPthreshold component, I can set for instance a heating setpoint. Then, I thought that if I put the schedule on ‘always on’ in the setEPzoneSchedule component (heatingsetpschedule), my heating setpoint would always be on 20 degrees. Honeybee returns an error and says ‘it has values outside the range’ (probably because of the schdule type limits). If I don’t add any schedule to the heating set point, what is the default then? Will it always be on 20 degrees?

Q2. When I make a constant schedule for the temperature setpoint and add 24 times 20 degrees, then my setpoint is I guess always on 20 degrees. If I then would change the heating setpoint in the threshold component… which one is taken? My guess is that the constant schedule will then override the setpoint from the threshold component.

Q3. The same kind of question for the other settings in the threshold. If I set an infiltration in the threshold component, will it be ‘always on’?

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It is a good question.You can check the zone air temperature after using two method. In my opinion,Threshold is a simple method for setting thermostat. It is not suitable for some energy modeling.

In my energy modeling experience,I usually used the Schedule method for cooling and heating load calculation.

And here is an snapshot of my setting.

Hope this answer can help you.

Minggang Yin