Timerate header

I wanted to deconstruct the data and the header and reconstruct it. But somehow this does not work.

  1. Solution exception:Length of values does not match that expected by the header analysis_period. 12 != 8760

Hi @Erikbeeren ,

This is because of a limitation of the LB Construct Data component and not any of the other components. You are actually the 3rd person to bring up this issue this month and we already have an open issue for it:

Given that this capability seems to only be growing in demand, I think I will add support for it soon.

I decided to bite the bullet an add an _interval_ input for the LB Construction Data component, which works like so:

So you can now use that component to construct any type of data collection as long as the timeseries data is continuous.

I made the change here:

… and you should be able to get it with the LB Versioner in an hour or so.


Hi @chris,

Is it possible to make a daily data object for the period of one month?

Yes. Just make a daily data collection and apply an analysis period to it for the month you want. Or you can do these two steps in reverse order if you wish and it will work.