Tip: don't use PixelCounting in combination with Transmittance Schedule

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Just thought I’d post the following, which I found out after a lot of trouble shooting, to save someone having to do the same :slight_smile:

When using HB shades with an EP Transmittance Schedule, make sure to also use PolygonClipping as a Calculation method in the HB Shadow Calculation. When using PixelCounting (which I set up at first because of the high number of shading surfaces present), it won’t account for any transmittance and see the surfaces as fully opaque throughout the year.

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This is good to know, @marctavenier . It sounds like this is a bug in EnergyPlus or it’s at least not the expected behavior. Did you open up an issue about this on the EnergyPlus GitHub so that one of the E+ developers could confirm?

I did now!