Tip: Fastest way to view a gbXML file

The faster, easier, cheaper ways people are able to access your building project data, the more likely there will be better outcomes for your efforts. A small but significant speed-up may be as simple as providing an easy URL to access and view your project data quickly. Examples might include:

  • Problem pattern: You want to show your parents or spouse or friends the project you are building, but they only have an phone with email and web access. Simple-to- type URL is good.

  • Problem pattern: Your colleagues are forgetful, don’t take good notes or keep bookmarks, but they really need to see the files. Easy-to-remember URL is good.

  • Problem pattern: You are on site and there are 88 people standing in front of you wanting to see the changes. They all have their devices, you just need to shout out the link they need. The short-and-fast URL is good.

The fastest way from a gbXML file to an interactive 3D visualization is to go to the gbXML home page, as follows:

  • In your browser address bar type “gbxml.org” then press enter

    • ( even faster on a computer: type “gbxml” and press Alt-Enter and “.org” is added automagically )
  • In the top menu click: “Viewer” and - bingo! - you are in the latest, stable Ladybug Tools / Spider gbXML Viewer!

  • Attach your file to an email - zipped files OK. Tell people to download the file, type the “gbxml.org” URL in their browser then open the file they just downloaded.

Your only wish will be that all the other aspects of your project would be just as easy viewing gbXML files.