To calculate PV panels output in Rhino7

I’d like to simulate PV panels output and the energy offset annually in grasshopper/ Rhino7.
I’ve tried many combinations with Ladybug legacy and Honeybee legacy, but they aren’t giving any results and hang. Which tools can I use and possibly follow tutorials of?

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You can look at the file below and this discussion: Splitting PV surfaces gives a different result (666.0 KB)
And this link here: Photovoltaics Components Release


Hi @Erikbeeren Thank you for your suggestions, I tried with the same components and downloaded the LB legacy 0.069 for Rhino 7, but it doesn’t show results/ hangs or doesn’t work. The links you’ve shared are from 2015, and unfortunately don’t function the same. Do you have a suggestion for components compatible with Rhino7 ? (I have license only for that and can’t have Rhino6/5 etc.)

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This link is still working: Box
Here you can find nice and clean examples.
Legacy works without problems with rhino 7.

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Thanks, I simplified and used your file @Erikbeeren and am getting results too, and added the Photovoltaics Performance Metrics component but unable to get any result on energy offset per year/month. Script is attached. (600.8 KB)

You will have to add some pv surfaces.

The examples here from djordje have some nice explanation in it:

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I missed sharing the Rhino file along (attached) with the gh. I allotted PV surfaces, and also did everything according to the scripts (yours and Djordje) as in the attached file too. Shouldn’t it show results then?
abhikeliye.3dm (70.6 KB) (594.0 KB)

Looks good


Thanks, can I ask what is the difference between all the 10 power outputs? The legend is the same for all- 1 Jan- 31 Dec same time.

which 10 power outputs do you mean?

I get these (all unique) results

Hi @Anyone
For each surface simulated you will get an output.

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Makes sense, thank you!

With this information you can color each surface in the model, so you get an overview which part is most efficient.


This looks good, which component can I add to display in the model?

you will have to use nativ grasshopper components. mass addition, divide by area and use the gradient component.

I tried to implement the script from your file (solar panels)

If this is what you mean? It’s not showing results as it shows in the image you shared unfortunately. Not sure if it’s preview (as I’ve switched them on?)

That part is only the legend. (387.1 KB)