TOF Legend with customized values gives color error

Hey everyone,

we want to give a fixed range of values to the legend for the PV Orientation analysis with the TOF component but we get an all red analysis surface. The legend adapts the changes and is displayed correctly, but the analysis surface doesn`t apply the legend and is all red instead.

Unfortunately I cannot upload all the files as a new user, but we used the legendPar node and inserted high and lower bound at 170 and 40 and got this result (see image).

Any help is appreciated!

Unplug the high/low values and see what is the domain you are on.

We are using a domain from 0-1 when not using the high/low bounds. When we used the bounds we plugged them into the domain as well and played around a little bit, but nothing worked. The image shows the standard setup that works and which we are trying to adapt with the high/low bounds.

Unplug also the customColors input.

Still not running it :confused:

I see that the high/low bounds are still connected … disconnect them also!!

Now it shows the color, but our values are not implemented!?

Now you can connect your values for the high/low bounds, but DON’T connect the gradient stuff!!
If you need a color pallet you can use the LB component for that.

But where do I input them if not in the LegendPar component?

Only in the legendPar.
Attach a simplified version nof your file to check. It shoyuld work pretty straight forward. No mysteries there.

I tried it, but it wont work (see above). Or am I missing something here!? Files in the wetransfer, since I havent posted much I can`t upload attachments yet…

OK. You are right. The legendPar is not working.
I see also that the TOF is not a standard LB component and the geometry output is not in sync with a numerical output.
I believe @djordje can explain better what is going on and if there is a way of controlling the limits of the output (which i believe, now, doesn’t make sense since you want to know the exact domain limits that can be used for PV).

Hi @FEng, @AbrahamYezioro,

Thanks for reporting. It was a bug.

The legend values correspond to radiation in kWh/m2. 170 is too high value. For the chosen location, about 134 is the maximal one. So I fixed only the lower boundary.
TOF Legend (394.7 KB)