TOF Optimal PV radiation lower than analysed PV

Hey everyone,

We used the TOF Ladybug component to do some PV orientation optimization both for the entire year and each month of the year. We then wanted to compare the optimal position for the year to the optimal position of each month on a monthly basis. For that we took the year-optimal panel surface as the analysis geometry and checked out each month`s result.

The first months went as expected, the year-optimal surface performed well but the monthly optimal result was still higher and the optimal angles and radiation results matched the previous studies - so all good. BUT then we came across 4 out of 5 months in a row that showed higher radiation results for the analysed surface than for the optimal surface (so yearly optimal position was supposed to be better than monthly optimal) which doesn`t make sense. Strangely for both values TOF and TSRF showed 100.

Also, when comparing the results for the 12 monthly analyses of the yearly optimal to the yearly analysis of the yearly optimal we ended up with a different insolation (2% off).