Too many values to unpack

I am running a rather simple EP simulation with HB. When I set the simulation to run, it gives me the error “too many values to unpack”. I have updated all components (HB + LB).

Any idea what’s wrong?

zone.3dm (64.8 KB)
EnergyPLus (487 KB)

Hi Jouri,

I updated all the HB/LB components. Some of them were not updated to the latest version, and when you use the update component you need to replace some of the components, for example when they have changed the number of inputs or outputs from the previous version.

I also added a component to add your customized EP materials and constructions to the library.

After these changes the simulation worked for me.

I hope that was useful.


Ale (515 KB)


Your file is not updated at all. There is plenty of discussions regarding this issue that you can search here quickly.

I recommend to use the update component to do that, so you can sync with the latest version from the github.


I thought the update button would update all components… but now I have replaced them manually and now the simulation runs.

Thanks for your input!

It does!! No need to do that manually. Just set to true the desired input (file or AllObjects). At least do that for the file.