Transferring HB Zones from legacy to plus

hi guys
thank you in advance for you expected concern and congrats on these two incredible releases

i’m trying to transfer HB zones created and assigned its materials and glazing on the HB legacy version to try make it work on the HB+ radiance component. it does not recognize it and it’s just rhino breps to it

is there are any way to continue the flow from legacy to plus without remodeling the whole thing from scratch using plus surface/material setting



Hi Anas,

There is no built in method but it’s possible to write one but I rather not to do it until we have energy simulation also added to honeybee[+]. Meanwhile is this workflow addresses what you need:

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thank you mostapha i think it will work

why are you adding energy to HB+ ? i understand this in lighting as it is avoiding daysim but in energy are you going to use something else than open studio/E+ ?



Hi @anashosney,

The primary idea of writing [+] versions is to make it platform independent. In the current setup, in Grasshopper, Honeybee_Honeybee has all the libraries and then other components access them. In future in [+] version, the core library will be made platform independent so that you can use the library to do something in all the platforms that connect with the library.

For example, In core library let’s say there’s one simple function to get u-value of a wall assembly, and you are able to derive it like HB.wall.getUValue(). This samething you’ll be able to do in all the platforms that connect to honeybee. By platforms I mean, GH, Dynamo, and others in future.

Here’s a slide from Mostapha’s presentation at AEC Hackathon 2016 in NY.

The whole Honeybee and Ladybug are going to be re-written to be platform independent and therefore, @mostapha mentions about adding EnergyPlus simulations to [+] versions.

Hope this helps!


@anashosney ,

@devang has given a good overview of the primary goals of the [+] plugins, which you can see isn’t simply to add new capabilities but also clean up the existing ones and make them cross-platform.

This said, there will be new energy modeling capabilities in HB[+]. We will still be using OpenStudio (and exporting to E+) but we will have better integration with OpenStudio SDK and OpenStudio measures. Additionally, workflows like the microclimate maps will use the new HB[+] Radiance libraries for faster computing of surface view factors and views to the sun.

So stay tuned…

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