Transferring revit model in rhino for daylighting analysis

Hi to all
I am trying to conduct energy and daylight analysis in building exported from the Revit. I had imported the whole building using Rhino.inside.revit. However further, I am unable to conduct analysis.

Actually, I am a beginner in this field. I had conducted some of the energy and daylight simulations earlier on a single room (where I developed a simple volume representing a room in Rhino and created a window to analyze it for daylight and energy). However, now I am trying to conduct simulations on a whole building (sample files of Revit). I am using Rhino.inside.Revit to import the revit model in Rhino. the model is imported properly in the rhino. However, I am receiving walls, floors, and roof as the construction components. Now I need to make honeybee zones from these components which I am unable to do. I know it’s silly to ask such a question, however, I am in the initial phase hence suffering.
Please look.

You should definitely check out the Pollination Revit Plugin:

It’s still in beta right now so you can try it out for free. It will become paid in the next few months but it’s made by us who develop Ladybug Tools and it will definitely save you a lot of time since you can see that the main value proposition is being able to get clean analytical models out of Revit.

The models can be exported in Honeybee (HBJSON) format so they are fully compatible with all of the LBT plugin’s features.