Transmittance schedule for HB_Context doesn’t affect sDA results


I created some custom shading surfaces in grasshopper and added them into the HB_Context component.

I’m trying to use a “transmittance schedule” to control the “On/Off” mode of the shading surfaces (by assigning 1 and 0 for the transmittance values in the schedule). It shows its effect on the heating/cooling loads. and by comparing different results I can say it works fine.

But when I run the Anual Daylight Simulation, it seems the applied schedule doesn’t work and the results with and without schedule are exactly similar to each other.

I know that there are some specified components for modelling the dynamic shadings, but they work with condition statements (illuminance level), I wonder how can I add manualy scheduled shading surfaces that could affect the daylight simulation results.

Thank you

Hi Farzaneh

You are running with two engines (E+ and Radiance) which have different platforms inside and you are trining to connect them together. As far as I know, first, you can run daylight in E+ or use dynamic methods in Radiance.