Transparency Sch for a Shade in HB+

Hi All,

I’m coming across an oddity in attaching a transparency schedule for some shades I’ve made. I’m wondering perhaps whether there is a specific transmittance schedule component that is the input for the ep_trans_sch input of the shade component? I have attempted to make a simple constant schedule of just 0.5 transmittance to connect which throws up an error. However if I use the ‘apply shade’ component, it has no issue with applying the schedule.

Is this a bug within the component, or am I meant to use a different sch component for this input?

  • Elly

It’s a bug! Thank you for reporting, @ElzineBraasch .

I just pushed a fix:

Given how long it takes to run the automated tests right now, the fix probably won’t be in the Grasshopper plugin development version until tomorrow. But, once it gets there, you can get the fix on your end with the “LB Versioner” component. This first month after the LBT plugin release has definitely been a bug-hunting one but I have managed to fix all of them as they’re reported. I think I’ll update the Food4Rhino version in a few more days. The number of bug reports like this has been levelling off so we’re hopefully most of the way out of the woods.

Thanks again!