Tree Modelling in Radiance


This is my first post here so please feel free to let me know if anything isn’t clear or more description needed. Thanks!



What about using Random Reduce? (9.04 KB)

Thanks a lot for the help Mostapha!

@mostapha Hi. I’m trying to model trees for a daylight simulation. However, I don’t have a python script to run this nor do i know how to write one. Would it be possible to share the python script for this?

Trees_Random (8.2 KB)

Try this …
-A. (9.0 KB)

And how one can shedule leafs to fall down and grow seasonally for annual analysis?

If by annual you refer to a Daysim simulation, then one quick thing that comes to mind would be to model the tree as a dynamic shading group with two states (leafs ON/OFF), and then input a shading schedule according to Ladybug Analysis Period (like a “cooling period” schedule".

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