Trouble to sync weather data file from Bangladesh!

Whenever I’ve started testing climate in Dhaka City, getting some trouble to sync climate data from energy plus website to Ladybug interface.

I was wondering if you could help me out of it ! (Screenshots are attached here)

Can you share the link? It might be an old URL that we should update.

Hi Mostapha,
here is the -
it appears when I link to download the weather data. Screenshots are also attached.

@mostapha Hi, epw map still not working. I’m trying to figure it out!
Could you please suggest me the way to solve it? And it’s urgent!

The epw map is here:

@wim Hi, thank you for your link, I know the process to download weather data.
If you check previous messages and screenshots, you’ll understand that isn’t working from my country Bangladesh!

Hi ! Is there any update on this topic! Did you guys change the old URL?
Let me know. Thanks.

The link is working fine!

You can also download it manually. As @wim pointed out you are checking the old url for epwmap. See the one that he has shared with you.

@mostapha Hi, thank you for the energyplus weblink! I have downloaded weather data several times from here. As I said, I couldn’t connect the data to the ladybug interface. That URL isn’t working!

I suspect that you are using the wrong component. I just did a quick test and here is the results:

Can you post a similar screenshot with the error message?

@mostapha how did you connect weather file manually?