Turn off old tag error

Hello there,

I am facing an error with the latest honeybee 1.7.1, in which all components show the error “failed to import old_tag_turn_off”. Is this something related to rhino 8, which breaks functionalities in Rhino 7? Any idea how to overcome this?

Here is an image of the error:

nevermind, I just fixed it by closing and opening Rhino.

This issue is caused by the fact that you are using a newer component but have older core libraries currently in use, which are not compatible with the newest components.

In your case, you probably faced this issue because you did not restart Rhino/Grasshopper after running the LB Versioner component. So restarting Rhino fixed it.

For others, if this issue persists, then running the LB Sync Grasshopper File component will automatically sync the components on your canvas with your installed version such that you won’t get incompatibilities between your core libraries and the components on your canvas.

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