Tutorial on the newer version of Ladybug?

Hi, I am new to Ladybug tools. I downloaded the recent version of ladybug plugin (1.2.0), but the online tutorials are almost all based on the earlier versions. And I found lots of the components mentioned in these tutorials are not available in the newer version. And it seems the earlier versions include a category of Environmental Analysis, which is not available in this newer version. Furthermore, I am trying to use dragonfly as well. Dragonfly is said to be included in this new version of Ladybug when installing it. But I am very confused frustrated with using the new version plugin while looking at the tutorials of the older versions.

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look in the samples folder in your computer.

It’s in the same folder with the installer grasshopper’s file.
In the compact file too.

It’s not a tutorial but It will help a lot.

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Hi there,
Did you find any way to figure out the correspondence between the functionality of the components used in the 2018 Australia’s workshops and the current version of LB and HB?

FYI, there are new tutorial videos available on the LBT 1.X plugin, which you can find on the Ladybug Tools YouTube channel:

Also, if you are interested in learning about the new Pollination Plugins that work with Ladybug Tools and extend their capabilities, you can find a bunch of tutorial videos on them as well: