Questions on Radiance Modeling in LBT 1.x

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I am faced to similar problems, I have installed Version 1.3.0 and I am following Australia’s workshops in 2018. I can see that a lot of changes happen in organization of features and name of them, I am trying to find its logic. Usually features in new version have less input or out put to compare to the old version. Most of the time it is possible to get approximately same result, but some times it is not.

Right now, I am trying to make Radmaterial for Honeybee while I am following part 2 of Parametric Daylight Modeling with Honeybee in 2018 workshops.

Firstly, I am not able to check Ladybug’s path due to the absent of Honeybee_honeybee.
Second, when I am saving HoneybeeRadMaterials.mat in to the C:\ladybug, I can not see the new material.

My main question is how I can deal with these differences? should I install older version of ladybug? or there is topic some where that can help me ? I tried to find it, but it seems that topics are not updated.

At this point, everything that you can do with Legacy Honeybee Radiance can be done with LBT Honeybee (with the exception of electric lighting, which we are working on).

You can check where everything is installed using the HB Config component and this replaces a lot of what the Honeybee_Honeybee component did in Legacy. It also gives you a report about all of the Radiance modifiers (aka. materials) loaded from the library.

If you have a .rad file with your own modifiers in it, you can add it to your user library by putting it here:


Or, if that folder does not exist, then here:

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