Two ventilation elements for one zone?

Hi all,

Is there a way to model two ventilation elements for one zone?
I’m using Honeybee_Set EP Air Flow component.

I’m trying to model a regular window (single sided) with 10% to 50% “fractionOfGlzAreaOperable” + a ventilation panel to the same zone that is 100% open. Similar to the image below. The idea is that these ventilation panels can be left open 24hrs and help mitigating the risk of overheating through an opaque element, so less solar gains.

The window part is easy to model, the more challenging bit is the ventilation panel mainly because the panel’s geometry is not physically modelled (see image below), since that needs to be opaque, not glazed, I couldn’t find a way to model it as a door.

A workaround could be to account for the ventilation properties of such opening without having it in the geometry through a python code for example, I know the dimensions of that panel and the settings to which natural ventilation needs to be operating but not too sure how to proceed.

Any helpful suggestions?

V is ventilation panel and W is window in the image below

Hi @chris, any idea?

@Farah.H Sorry, I have two qustion for your description.
Q1:Do you mean the ventilation panel is not part of the zone?
Q2:Does the ventilation panels need schedule to control it ?

Hi @minggangyin thanks for your reply.

To answer your questions:

Q1: ventilation panel should be part of the zone (i.e. one zone will have both window and ventilation panel as the images above) but in my current model the ventilation panel is not drawn geometrically, so I’m trying to edit the fractionOfGlzAreaOperable for the window (which is there in geometry) to account for additional ventilation. not sure that’s the best approach though.

Q2. yes the ventilation panel will be 24hrs open in schedule, and fractionOfGlzAreaOperable will be 100% (which is different settings from the window).

@Farah.H Do you try to use Honeybee_Set EP Air Flow compotent?

Yes I’m using that component already for windows, that’s fine. so see in the image below i have windows 50% open, and now i’m trying to write a python code to add to that percentage of ventilation panels but i’m not too sure if there is an easier way of doing this.

@Farah.H This screenshot is not able to understand the whole workflow of your model. Could you share your grasshooper file for further discussion?

Thanks, I will try to simplify my workflow and send it, but my main question was how to account for 2 ventilation strategies in one zone as explained in the first post. If I understand the logic / methodology I think I will be able to apply it. any ideas?

@Farah.H Yeah, I get the quesiton. Sorry, I don’t know how to set it .Maybe @chris can answer your question.