"Type conversion failed from Text to bool error" while running daylight simulation


I am trying to run daylight simulation using “runDaylightAnalysis” component. I have connected epw file to “daylightFactorSimulation” component and ended up getting an error (refer to below figure). I am attaching the grasshopper file as well for reference.

200821-Daylight and Colibri Tesrt.gh (807.0 KB)

I appreciate if someone can suggest a solution to this.

Hi, @Rinku.David The input of unformsky should be true or false, not sky file. If you want to calculate the lux , you should use gridbase simulation instead of daylightfactor simulation.

Hi @minggangyin,

Thanks for your prompt response.

The aim is to view daylight factor on 21st of March at 9 am in Saudi. May I know how I can set this parameter and view the daylight factor results?

Hi @Rinku.David,
As @minggangyin suggested, you only need to provide the either “True” or “False” value at the uniformSky_ input on the daylightFactorSimulation component.

Since this simulation uses either uniform or cloudy sky, you don’t need to set a date for simulation.
Following are images of uniform sky and the overcast sky. As you can see they are rotational invariant.