Typical HVAC Systems for different uses

Hi there LBT community,

Until now, I’ve been using LBT for simulating buildings with residential use. Now, I’m facing projects related to buildings with different uses such as libraries, schools, sport halls, shopping centers, theaters, cinemas, etc…

Since I’m not an HVAC expert, I would like to know what systems of the HVAC Honeybee templates could be the most suitable for each use. We do not have access of this information of each building of the study, so we need to make assumptions on the HVAC Systems they use. Has anyone done a basic list on that? Can I have some generic information about this topic?
For the programs there’s not problem since Honeybee has plenty of complete programs for several uses, but the problem comes with HVAC information.

I know this question can be very generic but I’m a bit confused about this. I appreciate any help on this,