UDI Result hourly

i need to have a UDI result on an hourly basis for a year ( 8760 time )
if i can have this result with one run ?
or need to several time (8760 time?)
please guide me if anyone knows .
honeybee plus 0.0.6 ver
@MingboPeng @devang

In Legacy, you can use either of these components to parse the hourly illuminance values of an annual daylight simulation:

The equivalent components in the LBT plugin will be available in the next release (1.3)

thanks so much @chris for your comments
but i need to have a hourly UDI (Can these values be obtain on an hourly basis?)

In my opinion, such a request does not seem logical given UDI mathematical concept. UDI provides a set of illuminance relative to a specific threshold in time. And each test point has a percentage, which averages the amount of UDI for the whole space.

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