UDI result interpretation

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can help me clarify the UDI results. The Useful Daylight Illuminance analysis, the graphical percent values represent the percentage time meeting the UDI criterias (for example of meeting 100-2000lux).

Two questions:

  1. What is the default occupancy schedule (without inputting any preset schedules) in the Read Annual Result component
  2. If the default or my imput for occupany schedule is “always on”, the graphical representation that shows the % occupancy time, is 24 hours being used as the denominator or just the hours where daylight is available.

Thank you.

Hi @aorukaya,

  1. , HB+LB have the best suggestion comments from all the GH plugins, you just need to hover over the input and you will get a lot of info, e.g. that the default occupancy is set to 9 to 5 (17) .
  2. 24 hours will be used.

Peter Z

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Hello aorukaya,

as PeterZatko says, the annual percentages will be for the occupied time you specify regardless of daylight conditions. If you consider the question your trying to answer it makes sense (how frequently will daylight provide adequite illumination?)

This also emphasizes that you need to check the feasibility of your criteria before you commit to it. You can explore the EPW file with the ladybug suite (and use common sense) for that.

Good luck.

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