Unable to add windows using Honeybee add glazing component

Hii!Office+Workshop_Building.3dm|attachment (108.8 KB)
I have lists of closed breps and I am trying to add glazing using honeybee glazing component. It is working fine for the ground floor, but not for the rest of the floors. I have checked the windows are planar to the building mass and the tolerance level.
Please guide!!

I tried to re-model the geometry in RHINO, to see if there are any errors, but unable to solve to issue.
Please Help!!O+B.3dm|attachment (54.3 KB) O+B.gh (463.9 KB)

Hi @raj.abida,

Somehow the internalised data is lost.

How can I resolve it ? Re-installing the Ladybug and Honeybee


No I don’t think it has to do with honeybee/ladybug.
But there was no geometry in your grasshopper file.
So I could not have a look in what was goiing on.

Hello Erikbeeren,
Apologizes!Office+Workshop_Building.gh|attachment (487.0 KB)
I am re-attaching the file for your review.

I did not see any geometry yet.

Whoops!!! I have now attached both the files, .3dm as well as .gh
With this, I hope you will be able to see the geometry.
O+B.gh (479.1 KB) Office+Workshop_Building.3dm (124.0 KB)

Hi @raj.abida

There are videos on the ladybug site where you can see how a propper energy model should be made.
Windows can not overlap different zones. A window should be modeled as a subsurface. In your model you made the following mistakes:

  1. One window for two zones
  2. Windows outside the zone surfaces
  3. windows going till the edge of the zone surface.

Instead the window surface should always be smaller and inside the hosting surface.



Thank you, Erik.
Your explanation helped me fine-tuning the entry model and I was able to get the desired results.