Unable to use the Honeybee_Indoor View Factor Calculator

Hi all,

There is an issue of running the Honeybee_Indoor View Factor Calculator Component. Cannot get any result from the component of Viewfactormesh.

Thanks for your help!

Tan_Atrium Study.gh (719 KB)


There are no floor surfaces within your energy model:

Therefore, plugging in a number to distFromFloorOrSrf_ or using the default number will produce no test points at which to evaluate comfort. I would suggest either building your energy model with floor surfaces or, if there truly are no floors, plug in a Brep into the distFromFloorOrSrf_ input on the View Factor component.


Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your reply. It works so I can create prototypes of atrium showing the performance of visual comfort and thermal comfort. Again, I appreciate your help and your lecture in Penn designwas amazing!