Underground Structure

Hi all,

I am trying to get a basic model of a below grade building with the roof at ground level.
The outputs of DragonFly seem to ignore the existence of this structure when running URBANOpt. How do I set the boundary conditions for this retail center without too much fuss?


Hi @Geo_curious ,

Good question and sorry for the late response here. The answer for how to set a Dragonfly geometry object to be below ground is to use the DF BC by Orientation component to set the walls to a Ground boundary condition. As the name of the component implies, you can use it to set a Ground boundary condition on only some of the sides of the geometry (by plugging in a list of Booleans) or you can set all walls to be below grade by plugging in a single Boolean value. You can also use it on individual stories within a larger Dragonfly building to make some stories below ground while keeping others above grade.

But, long story short, you just use that component along with the DF Separate Top Bottom component and you can make a Building exactly like you described there:

dragonfly_underground_building.gh (26.9 KB)

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Thanks Chris. Sorry for the delay myself. This works great!

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