Underground wall

Hi community,

If a part of a room was under the ground (2 meters) and the remaining part was on the ground, what should we do, while it is a union zone.


Any HB surface below the Rhino origin is automatically assigned a ground boundary condition by default. Also, you can use the Surface-by-Surface means of constructing zones as this video shows:


Use the EPBC_ input to assign a ground boundary condition the the relevant surfaces.


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In case that you are building your model with the “massess to zones” workflow, which I find quite handy:

Splitting those faces of the building mass that are partially underground will solve it. It will leave your model with 2 coplanar surfaces on each wall, the over and underground parts of it.

As Chris says, just locate the Brep according to the Rhino origin for the ground level and Honeybee will automatically recognise the underground surfaces when creating the thermal zone.

On a later stage you can change the constructions with the “Set EP Zone Underground Construction”

Hi Rafael,

Thanks a lot, I will check it out.