Understanding Sizing Results

Hi @chris and others,

I have some problem in understanding the sizing results and what they exactly mean.
I ran a simple simulation with “DOAS with fan coil district chilled water with district hot water”
for both sizing as run period.

The results I imported via the read room energy result component.
Then I made an overview of the sizing results so I could try to understand them.

The peak values for District Cooling Chilled Water energy lay between 13 and 14 [kWh]
The peak values for District Heating Hot Water energy lay around 8.5 [kWh]

When I look at the outcomes of the HB read HVAC sizing component the values for district heating and cooling are much higher. 18.3 [kWh] for cooling and 15.7 [kWh] for heating. These values can not be explained by the heating and cooling size factors, and seem to us much to high.

How do I have to understand these outcomes?